Rogue shroud weak aura

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Rogue shroud weak aura

Forgot your password? Ashjra'kamas, Shroud of Resolve is the legendary cloak being added in Patch 8. Ashjra'kamas, Shroud of Resolve is the latest legendary item to be added to the game with Patch 8. It will play a vital role in the gearing and progression systems in the new patch, while being extremely easy to obtain. To obtain the legendary cloak, you will just have to complete the Patch 8. You will obtain the cloak as a reward from Beginning the Descenta quest that takes you into Blackwing Descent with Wrathion.

The cloak has a base item level of and comes with a plethora of stats and effects, as can be seen below. The Corruption Resistance allows you to reduce your total Corruption level received from wearing Corrupted items.

50 Gold per HOUR - Rogue Pickpocketing BRD guide

You can read more about this in our dedicated guide to Corrupted Items below. The Equip effect reduces the rate at which your Sanity decreases in Visions of N'Zoth, which is essentially a time-gating mechanism for the new content. On your first attempt, your cloak is too low rank to properly prevent Sanity drain in the Visions, so instead, you have to rank it up to be able to clear the Visions fully.

Steadfast Resolve is an on-use ability with a 3-minute cooldown that dispels any effects of Corruption, as well as making the player immune to any further effects for 6 seconds. Draconic Empowerment is a main stat proc that grants players a large amount of their primary stat Strength, Agility, Intellect. Your cloak starts at item level and "Rank 1", but you are able to upgrade it by completing repeatable quests in Horrific Visions.

The highest rank you can upgrade your cloak to is Rank 15, but there is further progression beyond this for players that complete special objectives.

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We will go into this in more detail below. To upgrade your cloak through Horrific Visions, you will need to complete 3 chains of quests with Wrathion, which involve collecting a book for him, followed by repeatable page-collecting quests. You will be able to upgrade the cloak to Rank 5 freely, but after this, your progression will be tethered to a weekly time-gate.

You will only be able to increase your cloak's rank by 1 each week. If you are behind the curve, you will be able to complete all the quests up until the current week's to catch-up with other players. For example, if the current week's maximum is Rank 8 and your cloak is Rank 6, you will be able to complete the Rank 7 upgrade quest and immediately accept the Rank 8 one afterwards, without having to wait for a new week. Note that the Tier 1, 2, and 3 zones refer to the Tainted, Corrupted, and Lost zones in Horrific Visions respectively.

Note that the items for the quests above only come from the areas with the main boss, which means that killing additional bosses and clearing other zones will not give you any bonus items for the quests. While you are still completing these first ranks, do not risk failing the Vision; focus on upgrading your cloak and make sure that you kill the main boss every run.

You receive no additional items for killing the main boss for these quests, so just ensure that you clear as many zones as you can in the time available. If you know you cannot clear an additional zone in the time remaining, just go and kill the main boss instead for additional Corrupted Mementos.

As of February 25, players will be able to obtain up to 4 Torn Page of "Fear and Flesh"increased from 2. You will need to clear more than 2 side zones to get more than 2 pages. You receive no additional items for clearing any objective except the Tier 3 zones, so budget your time accordingly.

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If you struggle with the Tier 3 zones and do not have time to attempt the second one, kill the main boss or clear an easier objective for additional Corrupted Mementos.

After removing the infinite progression from the Heart of AzerothBlizzard introduced something similar to the legendary cloak.

Ashjra'kamas, Shroud of Resolve Legendary Cloak Guide (BfA 8.3)

It functions similarly to how the Archimonde and Argus upgrades worked in previous expansions. When a player with a Rank 15 legendary cloak kills N'Zoth the Corruptor on Normal or higher difficulty, or completes a Horrific Vision with at least 1 Mask active, they will receive an item that can further increase their cloaks Corruption Resistance level see our corrupted items guide for more information. The item, Malefic Corewill grant you an additional 3 Corruption Resistance for each use, up to a cap of The legendary cloak will change appearance based on the current rank of it.

The appearance will change at the start of each "section" of ranks, as listed above in the upgrades section: Rank 1, Rank 6, and Rank Below, you can see the 3 appearances side-by-side, with the Rank 1 on the left, the Rank 6 in the middle, and the Rank 12 on the right. As you increase the rank of your cloak, the item level will increase by 2 for each rank gained. This brings with it an increase to the stat budgets on the cloak.This site works best with JavaScript enabled.

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Please enable JavaScript to get the best experience from this site. MTG Salvation. Sign In Register. Wizard Mentor. So, I know that you cannot cast an aura targeting a creature with shroud. I also know that if an aura is put into play without being cast, it can be attached to a creature with shroud.

My question is this: If I cast an Aura targeting a legal target and after the spell has been put on the stack but before it has resolved, the creature gains shroud, what happens? Is the Aura countered? Or does it attach to the creature? Private Mod Note :. Rollback Post to Revision RollBack. Just Getting Started. Greg can you give an example of how an aura would be put into play without being cast, that could be placed on a creature with shroud?

Quote from Cirkustanz. Cynical Canadian. A friend of mine has a question and I want to get a second opinion to make sure I'm correct. A player has thoughtweft trio in play with indestructibility on the thoughtweft trio. Can that player then play Whispersilk Cloak and attach it to said Thoughtweft trio and keep indestructibility on it? Knife Fighter. Shroud doesn't remove enchantments, it simply means the creature cannot be targeted.

Aura spells only target while they're on the stack. A card game about Presidents. Stabbing each other. With knives. A creature gaining shroud, does not remove auras that are already on the creature.

It does make it extremely difficult to kill though! And Carsten, thanks for the reply.By zagtasticApril 6, in Shaman. Nice post! Thanks for the contribution. I'm just going to put your code between spoiler tags so that people don't have to scroll down too much. Hopefully that will get discussion going a little easier. Dude, that's awesome. I'll try it out on Wednesday's raiding and report back any suggestions I have, or if it's already perfect just post a bunch of puppies or something.

I wrote a similar aura some time ago, these were my pitfalls I didn't check your full aura code, so it's possible you already done this :. Number of ticks doesn't matter that much, because FS usually won't run its full course.

Hence you can scale the damage directly by spell haste and bypass some calculations. Hope it helps. You know, this is fantastic as an idea. I'll highlight it on my Twitter stream this afternoon for you to see if we can get any more takers. If I was to blank these out, would there be any issues?

I also don't particularly like it disappearing while Shocks are on CD. I can totally understand that, I just want to know where in the calculation I am at any moment, especially since I typically ride the spell queue system. You can post now and register later. If you have an account, sign in now to post with your account. Note: Your post will require moderator approval before it will be visible. Paste as plain text instead. Only 75 emoji are allowed.

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However, we still maintain a high caliber player environment and make an efficient use of our raiding time.My Account. Remember Me? Need an account? Register Now. Recent Blue Posts 9 hours ago. Recent Forum Posts PM. Thread: weakAuras for bleeds and snapshotting.

I have seen 2 weakAuras but they were quite old or produce errors. So, any new working weakAura for bleeds and indicating if bleed should be reapplied? Reply With Quote. Originally Posted by HeroicMythic. I am looking for a weak aura to help me with "snapshotting" and updating my bleeds. Originally Posted by Lucetia. As it was done to prevent people from stacking cooldowns and procs and rolling it the entire fight. I cant remember his name from Method Fragrance I think but he has a Weak aruas for bleeds and snap shotting I have it on my desktop just not my laptop which sucks.

That would be awesome guys! Incarnation too as that applies the more powerful version of the spell from the start. That WA is nice but I like a smaller display. I decided to go with Droodfocus. Its a lot easier to customize. Hmm I am not looking for a "UI". I am just looking for the calculation WA of my dots.

If something proccs and the new dot is stronger than the already applied one, I would like to see how much stronger. If you are looking for only the strength ratio try Stenhaldi's WAs. I have tested this now and in the most cases it seems to work. Anything new on this topic? Some updated WA? I'm currently using this WA setup. You can find the string in the comment section below. Human decency is not derived from religion. It precedes it. All times are GMT. The time now is PM.

Social Media. Services My Account. Resources Terms of Service. Privacy Policy. All rights reserved.Welcome to the guide for Assassination Rogue in 8. Assassination is still my go to spec for progression due to its damage profile and ease of use.

Can still be played in more casual 5 mans without pulling your group down. You should always run a simulation of your character to check which talents are best for you. Multi target setups might vary based on the keystone. Your items will no longer be able to roll higher item level, but will instead have a chance to have additional powers attached to them.

These items should always be simulated to find out the optimal combinations. For your food buff while raiding you should be eating the food for the secondary stat that your scale factors says is highest.

For potions you have to choose depending on the situation. Potion of Unbridled Fury is the pick for targets. For more targets you want to use a Potion of Empowered Proximity. For your ring enchants you should use the secondary stat that your scale factors says is highest.

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For your weapon enchants you might want to use one Force Multiplier and one secondary stat enchant that your scale factors says is highest. You should simulation to see if Force Multiplier is better than two different navigation enchants. For more information you can check out Herodamage for more traits or run a simulation for your character and the item s in question. Note: You do not want to overwrite a Nightstalker empowered Rupture or Garrote until it has expired.

Last updated: Friday, 14th January — Old gods await. This guide has been written and is maintained by wEak. If you have questions, please visit Ravenholdt Discord. Sign in. Log into your account. Password recovery. For stats you should be aiming for the following: Single Target Agility Haste Critical Strike Mastery Versatility Multi Target Agility Critical Strike Mastery Versatility Haste For your food buff while raiding you should be eating the food for the secondary stat that your scale factors says is highest.

For your flask you should always use Greater Flask of the Currents.

WeakAuras Rogue

Azerite Powers and Essences This is the current staple setup going into the patch for Assassination essences. Single Target Major Essences Blood of the Enemy: For when you want to always have your essence for bursting every two minutes. Condensed Life-Force: When you do not require a maximum burst every two minutes and want to have a slightly higher overall. Essence of the Focusing Iris: All-around good essence thats likely your other minor pick due to the nice supply of passive haste.

Nothing Personal: Must have at least one, but more does not hurt. Blightborne Infusion: Very good if you can get your hands on one of these from the vendor.They should give a good idea of how to play the spec. They are in no way "the best way to play". You are free to tweak them or use them as templates Updated for patch 7. Still has blue lightning overlay and turns orange at 90 maelstrom. Changelog: Mana bar now only shows when not full.

Lava Burst icon lights up when Lava Surge is up. Earth Shock icon shows the current Maelstrom in orange at and in red above Priority Flame Shock if it is not on the target Earth Shock if Maelstrom is equal to or over 92 Lava Burst if it is off cooldown Elemental Blast if it is off cooldown and it is talented Frost Shock if Icefury buff is up and Maelstrom is over 20 Flame Shock if the remaining duration is less than 11 seconds and Maelstrom is over 20 Earth Shock if Maelstrom is equal to or over 86 Icefury if it is off cooldown Stormkeeper Totem Mastery if the duration has less than 10 seconds remaining Lightning Bolt.

Changelog: Added Stormkeeper Artifact Power. Flame Shock: Shows duration of the debuff on the current target. Lava Burst: Shows the cooldown of Lava Burst. Changelog: Removed Maelstrom bar from the Resource Tracker. Use the new Maelstrom and Mana Bar. Ignore the GCD overlay on Stormkeeper. It is not part of the aura. You might have to create the folder. Top bar is Fire Elemental CD. Flame Shock icon glows when Lava Surge buff is active. Flame Shock will get a purple inner border my custom icon when they can be refreshed safely.

Will glow at Maelstrom. Lightning Rod icon changes depending on level talent. This is a work in progress and I will keep updating it, testing new things out. Flametongue: Shows duration of the buff.

Frostbrand: Shows duration of the buff. Top bar is Feral Spirit CD. Stormstrike icon glows when Stormbringer buff is active. Frostbrand and Flametongue will get a purple inner border my custom icon when they can be refreshed safely. Flametongue will also show a green border when it is off cooldown. The Crash Lightning icon activates when you are above 80 Maelstrom. Mana Bar: Shows current mana. If Cloudburst Totem is not talented, shows Healing Rain.

Riptide: Shows stacks and cooldown.They should give a good idea of how to play the spec. They are in no way "the best way to play". You are free to tweak them or use them as templates Updated for patch 7. Changelog: Fixed to show combo points for all 3 spec and changed the texture. Deleted the circular combo point aura. I think it fits the overall theme better. The new bar also supports all 3 tier 3 talents old one didn't support Anticipation.

Changelog: Small fixes to the rotation. Rupture: Shows debuff duration on current target. Garrote: Shows debuff duration on current target. Hemorrhage: Shows debuff duration on current target. Roll the Bones fishing. The buff will have a short description above the icon.

Crit buff is colored green and Attack Speed buff is colored red after how desirable they are. Priority Goremaw's Bite if at or below 3 combo points and energy is below 85 Mark for Death Maintain Symbols of Death Shadow Dance at 2 or more charges Maintain Nightblade with 4 or more combo points Eviscerate at 4 or more combo points Shadowstrike or Backstab at or below 4 combo points.

Nightblade: Shows debuff duration on current target. Symbols of Death: Shows buff duration. Shadow Dance: Shows cooldown with stack above. Changelog: Moved "Stealthed" up as the first icon.

Feel free to add me on battle. Skip to content. WeakAuras Rogue Jump to bottom. Resource Tracker Created: Rupture: Shows debuff duration on current target. Subtlety Rotation Helper Created: Priority Goremaw's Bite if at or below 3 combo points and energy is below 85 Mark for Death Maintain Symbols of Death Shadow Dance at 2 or more charges Maintain Nightblade with 4 or more combo points Eviscerate at 4 or more combo points Shadowstrike or Backstab at or below 4 combo points Changelog: Small fixes to the rotation.

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